Contemporary security governance challenges can only be addressed through effective cooperation between states, international organisations, civil society and the private sector. DCAF supports innovative public-private partnerships that bring these stakeholders together to realise shared security and development goals. DCAF’s Public-Private Partnerships Division provides a specific in-house focus to these interrelated activities.

Our services include:


  • Policy oriented and field based research

  • Expert legal and policy advice

  • Development and implementation of norms, standards and good practices, including practical tools and handbooks

  • Capacity building support

  • Knowledge services including the development of web-based platforms and multi-language tools

  • Secretariat functions in support of multi-stakeholder initiatives



The PPPs Hub promotes initiatives that bring national authorities, international organisations, civil society, and the private sector together to realise shared security and development goals.


Governments, Regional and International Organisations

DCAF’s partnerships with governments, regional and international organisations seek to:

  • Promote oversight and accountability of the private security industry.

  • Support the integration of human rights into business practices.

  • Enhance effective internet and cyber security on a variety of governance levels.


Partners include parliamentarians and government officials, practitioners and policy makers within regional and international organisations.


Civil Society

DCAF’s work in different regions draws heavily on the local knowledge and capacities of civil society organisations (CSOs) and academic institutions. Civil society actors are crucial partners to understanding specific contextual challenges and support implementation on the ground. DCAF partners directly with academic institutions, through collaboration on projects and the organisation of joint events, through knowledge exchange and informal cooperation.



Recognising the limited interaction between security sector reform and business and human rights, DCAF seeks to build bridges between the two communities and establish partnerships to address contemporary security challenges. Furthermore, these collaborative efforts are an important platform for sharing ideas and information. Through its Business & Security Sector Reform and Private Security Governance programmes, DCAF works with the extractive and the private security industries to promote and support the implementation of international human rights standards at the operational level.


DCAF works closely with private security companies within its ICoC work as one of the pillars of this multi-stakeholder initiative. As an Observer to the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights  and through its partnership with the ICRC, DCAF closely cooperates with extractive companies and industry associations to develop practical guidance and tools for companies operating in complex environments.